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A little about 
EZ Construction, Remodeling, & Repairs
     Still fairly new as a company, EZ Construction, Remodeling,  & Repairs  is grounded in principles and utilizes every skill that we have aquired over the past 10 years.  Taking our early years of customer service training, combining it with vocational trade skills, numerous sub-contracting positions, and professionally gained hands-on experience, we are prepared to offer our customers the quality work they deserve. Owned and operated by my wife and I, our company is dedicated in our various  roles to making your remodels or repairs of any size a huge success. Your project maintains top priority in our daily agenda and we strive to bring to your home the exact same courtesy you would expect from any place of business you set foot into. 

Choices, Choices, Choices
All day long we're bombarded 
with choices: "What to wear, 
what to eat, what to do".
 It may seem simple enough, 
but sometimes all the decision
making can become a bit 
overwhelming. One choice you 
should never have to think 
twice about is whether or not 
you hired the right person to 
work on your home. Don't be left second guessing your decision. You have both the option, and the right, to select a contractor that will leave you 
fully satisfied in the work they perform. At EZ Construction, Remodeling, 
& Repairs we never forget that working for our customers is a priviledge, one we intend to keep throughout the years to come.
"We're not satisfied unless our customers are satisfied..."